Rice Corner Road – Brookfield, MA

This 105-acre Conservation Restriction on the Broz & Simon Farm was officially recorded at the Worcester Registry of Deeds on December 28th, 2007. The donors, Dr. Gwen Broz and Mr. Tim Simon, put into action their wish for permanent conservation of their farm. 

The Purposes of the Conservation Restriction are to permanently preserve:

  • About sixteen acres of pasture and hayfield that provide breeding and nesting habitat for grassland birds including bobolinks and bluebirds.
  • Approximately 89 acres of forestland and treeline that buffer the pasture and function as upland habitat for predatory animals, migratory birds, and for rare and common species of animals and plants including turtles and amphibians.
  • The forest, of mixed age and various native trees, which will be allowed to mature.
  • A cranberry, black spruce and sphagnum hummock bog.
  • Several vernal pools.
  • Three amazing old trees that dot the treeline at the pasture, and provide shade for grazing animals.
  • The scenic view for everyone who travels along Rice Corner Road in Brookfield.

Conservation of this property protects wildlife corridors connecting to Hamilton Woods, which is owned by the Massachusetts Department of Fish & Game and neighbors the Broz & Simon Farm. This land falls within Supporting Natural Landscape on the state's BioMap, published by the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program. Preservation of this property contributes significantly to conservation of native biodiversity in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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Please note: Map represents approximate boundaries