May Brook Glen, Holland Massachusetts

May Brook Glen is a 3.3 acre parcel that boasts over 1,000 feet on May Brook which rushes and tumbles over rapids in May Brook Glen and then flows into Holland greatest recreational asset, Hamilton Reservoir.

While three acres may seem small, the land is absolutely gorgeous: a deep, cool hemlock filled gorge with massive boulders that contour the river. This stunning scenery is reminiscent of the streams in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

The land also holds an important piece of history for the Town of Holland. There are remains of a dam on the property built by Captain Nehemiah May (1730-1793), a signer of the petition to form the Town. Captain May served as the first selectman for Holland in 1785.

May Brook Glen was donated to Opacum Land Trust in 2010 by Bill Hull, General Partner of Hull Forestlands, a sister company to Hull Forest Products, the largest hardwood sawmill in the tri-state region

Hull Forest Products has been managing forests in a responsible manner for over 40 years. They are a large landowner in southern New England and harvest timber in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New York.

Bill Hull, who is CEO of Hull Forest Products, has also granted conservation easements to the New England Forestry Foundation, Connecticut Forest and Parks Association, and the MA Department of Environmental Management. Hull Forestlands owns several thousand acres of forests in western Massachusetts that have earned certification from the Forest Stewardship Council.

The donation of this potentially developable parcel to Oapcum preserves both scenic and historical resources, and will aid in protecting the water quality of Hamilton Reservoir, part of the Quinebaug River. This property assures access to the brook for those who seek the refuge of cool, damp air on a hot summer day, to those who may try a hand at fly-fishing, or for the year-round photographer looking to capture the essence of a river. One need not even exit their vehicle to admire the landscape here. The sound of the rushing waters of May Brook are pleasing and relaxing even without the accompanied scenery.

This is Opacum’s first project in the town of Holland and we are very pleased to have an opportunity to establish a presence within the community.

Press Release about May Brook Dedication ceremony from the Springfield Republican (17 November 2010)

Pictured here is an old fishing spear that Howie Fife discovered while working at May Brook Glen.





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